Critics and former followers: Forums


General forums

Guruphiliac Forum.

Nirmukta Freethought Community.

Cult Education Forum (Rick Ross).

Fake Gurus.

Forums about a particular guru/movement:

Brahma Kumaris Info Portal – a forum for exiting-BKs, and Friends and Family of BK adherents.

Examma (a forum for ex-devotees of Amma / Ammachi /Mata Amritanandamayi / “the hugging saint”).

Exsat: ExSatsangi Support Group (for former followers of Sant Mat/Radha Soami gurus).

Sex Abuse by SwAmi-YIDL (on Maheswarananda, Yoga in Daily Life).

Sri_Chinmoy_Information – Sri Chinmoy Ex-Disciples Forum.

The Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan – “where former and transitioning Bhajanites share our stories, important testimony, court documents, and anti-cult information with the general public”.

The Prem Rawat Talk Forum.

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